My first electric conversion 

Its still in its crude state but here is a pic of my build with an kit. I was so excited to recieve the wheel and controller after having a battery pack for a few weeks that I had to get it on there as quick as I could to try it out.

The kit includes all the necessary wiring with connectors, and the setup is simple. I plan on finding a more permanent yet more easily removable home for the battery. Right now it lives in an old tin box strapped under my rack with a bit of foam padding for protection. I covered the battery and bundle of wiring with some fabric to make it look a little more stealth.

The performance is great. I rode the bike to work yesterday and got there just a quickly as I do in my car. I do need to invest in some cold weather gear though. I recharged the battery at the office and it took me the 7 miles home with power to spare. The ride has a few good long climbs that have most bikers chugging along. A local rancher has even installed a bikers rest bench along the route to break up one of the longer climbs. Of course I still had to pedal the whole time but the boost it gave made the hills enjoyable instead of a chore.

It cruises on flat ground unassisted at around 22mph and I can sustain 25 with mild pedaling. I topped 32 on the downhill ride to work.

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